Event Electronics 20/20 p

20/20 p, Monitor Activo from Event Electronics in the 20/20 series.

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AudioArtist 18/09/2012

Event Electronics 20/20 p : la opinión de AudioArtist (content in English)

"Good Quality for the Price"

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The Event 20/20's are powered monitors that perform very well for what they are.
They have a acceptably smooth response and actually pack a little bit of low-end punch for monitors in their class.
I've used them for mixing primarily in home studio settings. The resulting mixes have translated fairly well to other monitors and have yielded some decent masters.
I personally would not recommend using these for mastering.


The Event 202/20's stereo imaging is adequate assuming that they are properly set up and your listening environment is properly treated.
The dynamics are well respected especially in the 3kHz and above range.
The larger woofers used in the 20/20's are perhaps their best and worst attribute. The low-end that is so obviously missing from other monitors in this price range is well represented with the 20/20's. It comes at a cost though, the 750Hz-2kHz range is a bit blurry, not unusably so yet it is still a detriment overall. 2kHz and above frequencies are represented very well and the 20/20's are an excellent choice for situations that demand high-end clarity.
Overall, I really cannot call the frequency response of the 20/20's "flat". They are not. They do offer a better low-end than many comparable monitors and they are not so tragically im-balanced as to be unusable. With plenty of time to "learn" these monitors and become adjusted to dealing with their small quirks, you could do some good work with them.


The Event 20/20's really have a solid and acurate low-end response that is missing from other monitors in their class and price range. The high-end is equally if not more so well represented. Their only failing is a somewhat blurry mid-range, and that can be very deceptive in really nailing down a mix where finite adjustments and balancing of the mid-range is essential.
Value vs. Price? - Buy them used and buy them cheap. They are very well suited for the home studio but I would never expect to see these used often in a pro setting other than as a secondary or third string comparison monitor.
The Lows and the Highs are both precise enough to acheive some decent mixes, but yet again, it is the mid-range that suffers a bit. They are fairly "colored" but they are easy on the ears. I could easily sit down for a 2 hour session with these monitors before needing to give my ears a break.
The Event 20/20's stack up well with other monitors in their class and price range, but again, unless you get them at a steal...save your money for something better.