Genelec 1031A
Genelec 1031A

1031A, Monitor Activo from Genelec in the 1000 series.

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moosers 13/03/2009

Genelec 1031A : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Genelec 1031A are a larger set of active studio monitors made for using in the recording studio. Since the monitors are active, they are self powered and do not need an external power amp. These monitors are pretty giant, so they are not the type of monitors you can move around from place to place, so once you set them it would be hard to move and are made for stationary studio use. I have used these monitors for both mixing and monitoring during tracking.


The sound of the 1031As is absolutely huge! They cover the entire frequency spectrum with its great low end presence and its tight high end response. While it won't color your sound at all, I do find that sometimes these sound too good for mixing as they just never sound as good as they did on these! That's more of a perception thing, and these monitors definitely accurately portray your sound. Overall, the sound is full and clear and are really some of the best mid range speakers I have heard.


I've been using Genelec 1031A studio monitors for about three years and they are one of the best set of studio monitors I have heard. They have a huge full sound to them that is hard to rival with any set of speakers that is smaller than these as the huge size of these allows them to cover the full range of frequencies. I have used a couple other pairs of Genelec studio monitors, but these are definitely the best set I have used. These things can really crank loud and are great at showing you all the subtle things within your signal. While I like to use these for mixing, I always have a second set of monitors to A/B with to get a better sense of what the mix will sound like on other speakers. The price of these is incredibly expensive and is aimed at the truly professional studio, but if you have access to them they are an experience to use!