Genelec 1038A
Genelec 1038A

1038A, Monitor Activo from Genelec in the 1000 series.

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mooseherman 27/06/2010

Genelec 1038A : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Pricey, require a lot of fine-tuning, but phenomenal."

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This is a three way active monitoring system. These are definitely intended for studio use, and should only be purchased by studio owners, as they are impossible to move around very much. The speakers are large enough that they can be installed into the wall of the studio that they are being used in, which is the only way I've seen them, though I hear that they can stand freely as well. Not only that, but they need to be fine-tuned to the acoustics of the room that you are using them in if you want the ideal sound out of them. This can be done with the controls that come with the monitors' Direct Control Waveguide Technology, and requires the attention of audio experts.
These are active monitors and don't really require an external amp.


The sound of these speakers is breathtaking. The monitors are certainly capable of giving great stereo imaging, they really give a full and expansive sound. The dynamics of the project always come out full and clear, there is no unnatural compression with these monitors. This is good because it allows you to maintain more control over the sound. Every range of the freqency spectrum is well represented, assuming of course that the speakers are maintained and tuned appropriately. My newest manager doesn't seem to like these monitors very much; when I saw his pair, and heard them, I knew that they weren't tuned to the acoustics of the room at all. They were far clearer at the first studio I was in that had them. The bass range, when properly tuned, is superb; when left unattenuated, the bass frequencies are muddy, like most monitors.


I like these monitors because of their amazing sound. However, there is a very small niche market for them, and that is almost exclusively for studio owners/sound designers. Their size, as well as their price, make them difficult to manage, and less useful than smaller monitors. However, the sound of the monitors alone is worth it if you have the studio space and can afford the monitors.