M-Audio BX8
M-Audio BX8

BX8, Monitor Activo from M-Audio in the BX series.

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moosers 13/02/2009

M-Audio BX8 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The M-Audio Studiophile BX8s are large studio monitors with a big sound and small price. I have used them mostly to mix on and since they are pretty big, they project a pretty full overall sound. They are self powered monitors which is nice because it required no external power source.


The have found that the BX8s are quite full sounding and cover a lot of low end and is full throughout the entire frequency spectrum. The stereo image is beyond satisfactory and these won't color your sound too much, meaning they project an accurate portrayal of what you playing through them. This is essential in a set of monitors so that it sound good on all speakers and not just your monitors. The overall sound is full and clean ranging across the spectrum but although I do like the sound of the monitors, the aren't the best or most accurate monitors I have ever heard, but they do sound good and is aimed at the home studio owner, rather than the working professional.


I first used these monitors about four years ago and I immediately like the response these give off. They are large, but are easy to move around and give off a full and crisp signal. Since it won't color your sound, these are good for mixing for those looking for a good deal on studio monitors as they are dirt cheap for monitors that sound this full. Comparing to the step down for these, the M-Audio BX5s, these will only cost a little bit more but will project a much wider frequency range response. This being said I would recommend spending the extra money and get these if you are trying to decide between these and the BX5s. In this case the sound quality difference and overall fullness of these monitors is worth the price difference over the BX5s. Overall these are a great set of monitors ideal for the home studio.