Prodipe Pro 8
Prodipe Pro 8

Pro 8, Monitor Activo from Prodipe.

public price: 349 € IVA incluido
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Audiofanzine FR 30/12/2010

Prodipe Pro 8 : la opinión de Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Originally written by artifice on Audiofanzine FR.

Good value for money.

I tried out several products and the sound difference doesn't justify the price difference compared to other brands.

I use it for music creation and mixing on an amateur level.
No need for an external amp because the Pro 8 are powered.

9/10 because I haven't tried out many other products considering I'm satisfied with them.


I do hip-hop with powerful lows. The Pro 8 allow me to work properly: the frequency response is linear enough, the dynamic response is very good, the sound is very precise.


I've been using them for over two years. They are my first monitor speakers.

- Their looks
- Value for money
- Long life (even though one of broke because of intensive, even abusive, use)


I already made my choice: I'll receive a second pair in a couple of days!