Quested VS 3208
Quested VS 3208

VS 3208, Monitor Activo from Quested in the VS series.

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moosers 16/11/2009

Quested VS 3208 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Quested VS 3208 is a huge active monitor that is kind of sub woofer and can be used in tandem with other Quested monitors, or any other monitors really.  However, I do know that Quested makes a set of monitors that are specifically designed to be used with the 3208.  It is a monitor that is suitable for pretty much any situation, including mixing and monitoring.  The VS 3208 also has a series of EQs in the back for tuning the monitor to the room that you are using it.  This monitor has an XLR connection and doesn't need an external power amplifier as it is an active monitor.


The sound quality of the Quested VS 3208 is outstanding.  It sounds both great on its own and in tandem with a more high end focused set of monitors.  It has a great deal of low end clarity as it is extremely tight sounding all the way down to the kick drum and below.  This is rare to find in a monitor and for this reason is great for mixing.  While I normally shy away from mixing on a monitor that has so much low end, this sounds good enough where I know that what I am hearing is accurate.  Overall, just a great sounding monitor that is a pleasure to work with.


While the main studio that I use doesn't have a Quested VS 3208 monitor in it, I have used the monitor a number of times in another studio and really enjoyed working with it.  I have always liked the monitors that are made by Quested, so I was definitely eager to work with it.  I would absolutely recommend looking into this monitor if you are a professional studio owner looking to add some serious low end clarity to your monitoring.  While I haven't used this monitor with the other Quested monitors that they recommend using this with, I'm sure that it is a great combination as every Quested monitor that I have used has some serious tone.  I always trust what I am hearing with this monitor and even though it is a little bit expensive, it is the price that you must pay for a great monitor such as this one.