Roland DS-50A
Roland DS-50A

DS-50A, Monitor Activo from Roland in the DS series.

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vsavagellc 19/12/2011

Roland DS-50A : la opinión de vsavagellc (content in English)

"Great Monitors"

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Inexpensive near field powered monitors with crisp sound that will serve well when you begin mixing your sessions. They only come in 1 color (black) but I've seen them custom painted. I know this isn't important but some people like to match the colors of their studio units just for a little extra coordination not to mention visual and audio work very well together.


The sound that comes from these monitors are full they make great reference monitors I'd watch the bass though. I've worked with these monitors for 3-4 years before I replaced them and I'll say it's very easy to go a little over board with the bass because it sounds so good and rich. Once you have your bass under control which should be easy if you are not a bass heavy producer like myself everything else right into place. You're actually able to trust the mixes mixed with the DS50As. Another great thing about these monitors is no hiss or hum do to the digital connection feature. That feature makes everything CLEAN


These were my very 1st pair of studio monitors took me weeks to pick the right ones. I think I got lucky because I didn't know much about them (monitors). They have served me well over the years. What I loved most about them was the fact that they were very easy to setup, they sound clean and as I've stated before mixed can be trusted in them. If I mixed a session in these monitors I didn't need to cross reference them on another system what I heard is what I got.

I personally think they should have charged more for these monitors but I'm also glad that they were reasonably priced. If I knew what I knew now about monitors I'd still make the same purchase today that's just how good they are but I would upgrade to the 8 inch coned version simply because it handles bass a little bit better