Tannoy Reveal Active
Tannoy Reveal Active

Reveal Active, Monitor Activo from Tannoy in the Reveal series.

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severinsteel 23/06/2012

Tannoy Reveal Active : la opinión de severinsteel (content in English)

"Excellent monitors!"

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Woofer, tweeter. balanced XLR input, power input, on/ off switch. Nothing special really, but just exactly what you need. The cabinet is extremely sturdy; very very well made. The speaker elements are mounted with high quality allen screws. From what I understand, Tannoy only makes monitors so that was a big factor in my decision making process. The front of the monitor is painted a really cool dark green and the power indicator LED is a cool blue! I use this setup with my Apogee ensemble interface; it's a killer rig! No amp needed of course since these are powered monitors.


The sounds are great! Very true to the source, or at least not too hyped in any particular way. For super accurate mixing, a sub might be beneficial, but not necessary. You don't want monitors to sound too good actually, because they won't help you achieve your goal of making your mixes sound good on any system. That's why Yamaha NS10's are so popular in studios. The though process is, if you can make your mixes sound good on NS10's, then they will sound good on anything. But yeah, great dynamics, clear sounds, just very well represented.


I love these monitors! They sound killer, they are extremely reliable, and I got them for half price since they were being discontinued. If you can find these used for a good deal, snatch them up! Prior to purchasing these, I had used some very expensive Dynaudios and Yamaha NS10's. It really doesn't matter what monitors you get as long as they are as flat as possible and you can get used to them. You need something to help you make accurate decisions regarding how your music will translate to other systems. I would definitely buy more of these if I could. Just a great set of monitors!