Tannoy Reveal 501A
Tannoy Reveal 501A

Reveal 501A, Monitor Activo from Tannoy in the Reveal series.

public price: 149 € IVA incluido
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sw80 04/03/2013

Tannoy Reveal 501A : la opinión de sw80 (content in English)

"Nice bass for the price"

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The Tannoy Reveal 501 A is an active studio monitor that is one of the best options for most home musicians when looking for the first set of monitors they want to buy. I recommend these monitors to a lot of people because of the price, and quality of sound that they deliver. These speakers are very clean and do not add color to your sound. I have used the 501 A speakers on a handful of occasions and the bass really stands out to me because they do not have the bass issues when the speakers are placed in odd or wrong parts of the room like close to corners and walls. Plus the bass port is not on the rear of the speaker. They have a front reflex bass port to take care of any issues with proximity to the wall.


The frequency response is 64 hz to 30 khz. There is a LED light to show the power and the volume controls are on the rear of the speaker with the XLR unbalanced connectors. The bass in these speakers is very clean and for this price 180.00 makes them a must have for any musician who is on a budget and cannot afford to go out and spend 300 dollars or more on a single monitor. You can get a pair of these for less than 400 dollars and get studio sounding mixes in now time. They are also very light and portable.


They have a nice build and finish to them, and won’t scratch easy. Tannoy has made many great sounding studio monitors if you want to spend some more money but I can say that these 501 A speakers are a great choice for a home musician with a smaller set up. This cannot be mounted or hung up they are desktop models.