Wharfedale DIAMOND 8.1A
Wharfedale DIAMOND 8.1A

DIAMOND 8.1A, Monitor Activo from Wharfedale.

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songboy 18/03/2009

Wharfedale DIAMOND 8.1A : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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I got these monitors in a studio bundle I bought used off the website craigslist. So, I didn't actually go out and buy these specifically. The reason I purchased the studio bundle was to get the rest of the components to complete the bare essentials of my home studio. I have been using them to mix down my professional studio recordings for my full length album. I invested a lot of money in to this album but had to stop the project early due to financial trouble. I decided to finish it at home and got these to get me going.
I use this in conjunction with a presonus Firebox and a MacBook laptop (2.2 ghz, 4gb ram, 120 gb hd). I am running Logic 8 and Reason 4.


The frequency curve is okay. They are much flatter than the pair of Behringer Truths I was using before. The stereo image is pretty good also. It creates some decent space and spread. As for sound spectrum, I am not one to quote Khz's (yet that is) but I would say the lows are somewhat muddy at times and hard to distinguish from each other (bass and Kick). I would say that the dynamics are its best feature. These monitors stay in a nice natural range which is good on the ears


I have been using these monitors for 4 months now. I was for some time using a pair of Behringer Truth 6" powered monitors. When I got these I noticed how less fatigued my ears were after an hour. In fact I could mix on these for hours, 4-5 somedays straight (with bathroom breaks of course) and not be ringing or had mud in my ears. I have used much better monitors before but was thankful when I got these, especially after the "Truths." What do I like least? Well, I would have to say the inaccurate mixes I get off of these speakers are the biggest let down. Its not horrible, but they don't perform well in the low's and cause me to have muddy/bass heavy mixes quite often. You will definitely need a sub to get good lows. I just ordered a pair of JBL lsr 4328's, and have used them before. The JBL's blow the Wharfe's out of the water, but that is to be expected when the JBL's cost $1600 and the Wharfe's cost $300. But the beauty of it now is I will have a set of beautiful, ultra flat monitors and a pair of low grade monitors, much similar to the average home theater systems, to A/B. Most engineers I talk to consider a/b-ing a must, and I agree. As for other models, I have used the Behringer Truths, the JBL lsr's, a nice pair of Event's and the wharfedale's. The JBL's were my favorite, hence why I just ordered my own pair. Well I got these for about $120 for the pair, so that was a great value. New I believe they go from $270-$300. For that price, they perform pretty good. That don't make your ears sleepy to quickly and they give you a mid quality sound, way better than those "Truths" at half the price. Again, I got mine for cheap so I would definitely do that again. would I buy them new? At the time I needed decent monitors for cheap so yeah, I would have bought them new.