Wharfedale DIAMOND 8.1A
Wharfedale DIAMOND 8.1A

DIAMOND 8.1A, Monitor Activo from Wharfedale.

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goodbyebluesky 27/03/2008

Wharfedale DIAMOND 8.1A : la opinión de goodbyebluesky (content in English)


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I was most motivated to buy these because I definitely had a budget to keep in mind, but I didn't want junk I'd only replace in a year or two. I purchased them specifically for use in my tiny home studio where I record guitars, bass, vocals, and program drums. I wanted a monitor that would give me good accurate feedback on what I was creating so my efforts weren't wasted later by realizing it sounds like crap on my home stereo. These are incredibly quality monitors for the price.


These have a very wide open soundstage, excellent accuracy, and some good clean bass not normally seen in this price bracket. They really let you know if your mix is muddy or tight. Comparing these to some KRKs in the same price range, these boast slightly better (to my ears) clarity and are easier to sit in front of. So definitely, if sound quality is your priority and you want $600 sound for less than $300, get these and don't look back.


If you want a great sounding speaker on a budget, buy these - I can't imagine a better sounding speaker for the money. My money is too valuable to buy anything thats low quality in the end, regardless of what budget I'm on. I tried out as many as I could, Truths, KRKs, and M-Audio- the bad quality reviews on M-Audios were enough to keep me far far away from those. But wharfedale gets nothing but praises in the quality department. The only exception with these monitors in my opinion...... are the grilles. They are terrible, I accident broke one taking them OUT of the package. The plastic is brittle. I nhad to go ahead and take the other one off and rock 'em without grilles which is fine by me but I always like to keep gear in good shape for resale if I have to upgrade or whatnot. But I gifure if thats the biggest problem I have, then I'm still doing pretty good.