Samsung 216BW
Samsung 216BW

216BW, Monitor LCD from Samsung.

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JayDMusic 23/07/2010

Samsung 216BW : la opinión de JayDMusic (content in English)

"Solid Monitor for the price"

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This is the 216BW monitor. I'm typing on it, right now. I use it as my sequencer window, and boy, does it sequence. It's a very crisp, clean monitor. It's paired with my nVidia GTX285 GPU, and sits beside a 17-inch LCD 4:3 monitor, and the difference is astounding. The colors are crisp and clean in the Samsung, but pull them over to the other monitor, and they're bland and dull. It's nice and wide, too. Samsung's new monitors are very good, and worth the price. People think that size is everything, but the very high dynamic contrast ratio, and the matte finish make it very easy to choose the Samsung monitor. Though I spent a fair amount of money on it, it's been worth it. The width lets me sequence large parts of songs very easily, and I can really zoom in without having to scroll every second to keep up, and I don't lose my place. It's got a very fast response time. It's also fine to set up, no drivers required, essentially plug-and-play. I'd recommend it to anybody, and would buy it again if given the chance.