Yamaha MS10
Yamaha MS10

MS10, Monitor Pasivo from Yamaha.

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moosers 04/05/2009

Yamaha MS10 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Yamaha MS10s are a set of passive studio monitors that are designed for professional recording studios. They are suitable for all sorts of applications in the studio including mixing and monitoring. Since they are a passive set of monitors they do require an external power amp. A great feature of the Yamaha MS10s are that it has three knobs in the front to control bass, treble, and volume. This allows you to accurately set your monitors to your room to make sure they are best set for mixing. Having the volume knob on the front is also a big plus as most monitors don't have it in sight.


The sound of the Yamaha MS10s are pretty great as they are great for mixing because of their great all around frequency response. It covers the low end very well as well as a great mid range and high end. It definitely reproduces your sound accurately and faithfully, although sometimes I feel I have a small bit of trouble in terms of transferring mixes to other system. While they are well equipped for mixing, like all monitors it will take some time to learn them so you can accurately mix on them. Overall, the Yamaha MS10 has a good frequency response all across the spectrum and from what I can tell has a good dynamic response and good stereo imaging.


I've been using the Yamaha MS10s for about four or five years and have found them to be a nice set of studio monitors. While they no longer make these, if you can find some used they are good for mixing and are a great addition to any studio, professional or home based. Yamaha makes great studio equipment and their studio monitors are always top notch. While these are now pretty rare, they are a great set of studio monitors for the home studio owner looking for a nice set of monitors for mixing and monitoring at a reasonable price.