Boss AD-3
Boss AD-3

AD-3, Multi-efecto para Guitarra Acústica from Boss in the AD series.

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mooseherman 28/01/2010

Boss AD-3 : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)


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This is an acoustic-electric processing pedal. It basically is designed to give your amplified acoustic guitar a better sounding tone than the generally harsh, bright sound that usually occurs. It's not a rackable device, it can't be edited in a computer at all. It uses a typical 1/4" instrument cable input, and has two 1/4" outputs. It uses a power supply that should come with it, but also works on a 9-volt battery.


The editing of the effects on this pedal are difficult at first glance for someone who doesn't know what all the terms mean. After a good half hour spent figuring out what each button and switch does, the box becomes pretty easy to use. It's really a matter of finding the sound you want initially and then just leaving it out. The box has two tone knobs (bottom and top), chorus and reverb effect knobs, and an anti-feedback knob. There is also a switch that can activate the automatic anti-feedback option, which tries to eliminate feedback without any manual input on your part. I don't like to read manuals in general, and didn't for this, but having glanced it, I can tell that it is pretty easy to read and understand. It doesn't go into detail describing the sounds, but I'm guessing the sounds describe themselves.


I only use this with acoustic guitar, and more often than not myself or my bandmate who plays acoustic will run it through a PA. On the off chance we can borrow an amp, we will, and preferably it'll be a Fender Twin. The great thing about this pedal is the fact that it doesn't color the sound in any way that makes it sound inauthentic. In fact, it's not even really possible to EQ it in a really unnatural way. It's main purpose is to reduce the extraneous and unnecessary low and high end that comes with plugging into a PA, or to add enough EQ to make it sound more natural. As far as the anti-feedback effect goes, it's really effective. I would say that taking the time to do it manually is more effective than hitting the auto switch, but the auto switch is handy if you don't have the time to fix the problem. I tend to avoid the chorus effect for the most part, as I don't really use it to get sounds. I use it to more faithfully recreate the sound that my guitar produces when I play it without amplification. I would say that it succeeds as much as I would ever need it to. On occasion I will use the reverb on it however, and while the reverb isn't spectacular, it's hardly bad.


I like the fact that this pedal manages to give you a realistic acoustic sound in an amplified setting, a constant nightmare for the gigging acoustic player. I think that for the price, this thing can't be beaten. I have heard that there are better pedals that do the same thing out there, but the ones I looked up were crazy expensive. I think that they are probably unnecessarily so, considering how effective this unit is. I would highly recommend this pedal to anyone.