DigiTech RP90
DigiTech RP90

RP90, Multi-efecto para Guitarra Eléctrica from DigiTech in the RP series.

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darkwolf291 02/04/2011

DigiTech RP90 : la opinión de darkwolf291 (content in English)

"Decent Multi FX"

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This pedal has Pickup Modeling/Wah, Compression, Amp Modeling/Distortion, EQ, A Noise Gate, Chorus, Flange, Phaser, A Harmonizer, A Digitech Whammy, Delay, Reverb, and more. It uses digital technology to model amps and pedals.
It has an input, an output, an 1/8" headphones out, and a Stereo out. It also ha a button to choose between amp and headphones/mixing console output, which adds a cabinet simulator for Direct Input into a mixing console or headphones.


It is very easy to edit the effects patches. The manual has clear and detailed directions on assigning the effects/sounds to each patch number, and clear and precise directions for assigning one to the expression pedal. Any effect may be assigned to the expression pedal, be it the Whammy or Distortion, or Delay.


The amp modeling is decent at best. The effects are a little digital sounding but still decent. This is more for a beginner trying to find what they like rather than a professional trying to save room on their board. This is a Jack of All trades, master of none. It can do it all, but not very well. The distortions and amp models are sterile, digital, and lifeless. They work for bedroom practice, but not for anything else. This is where this pedal lets you down, and it's the most important part. The models are usable, but not convincing, but, it's not meant to be perfect replicas of the tone. They're supposed to be generally the same for practicing or for a beginner, something this achieves.


It's very easy to use, and easy to find a decent tone. There's few truly good or great tones in it though, They all sound digital, sterile, and lifeless. For a beginner, it's perfect though. Low priced, and loads of stuff to play with until they find out what they like. For the price, it's decent enough. It's nothing spectacular, but it's not the worst sounding piece of gear.