Roland SPD-S
Roland SPD-S

SPD-S, Multipad from Roland in the SPD series.

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moosers 18/03/2011

Roland SPD-S : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Roland SPD-S is an electronic drum pad that's made for triggering samples. It's designed to be placed within the context of your drum kit so you can have access to electronic drum sounds on the spot. I don't own this and I'm not primarily a drummer so I don't plan on owning it in the future, but I recently did a recording session where the drummer had one of these and was using it within his full kit. A lot of drummers would overdub stuff like this, but I guess if you're used to playing with it live anyway and it's a big part of your rig, you might as well use it like a real drum. The SPD-S has six pad in total in addition to three edge triggers, and you can play up to eight sounds at once. It also has a ton of preset sounds and effects, so it's definitely a fully functional drum pad in itself. One of the best features of it has to be the 12 minutes of sampling it has as well, giving you an endless array of possibilities. Again, I haven't gone in depth with the Roland SPD-S as most users will, but I've heard it and seen it used enough to know it's potential. As far as I've seen, it's one of the most complete drum pad triggers I've seen. It's hard to go wrong with a Roland product in general as they make some of the best gear available. The SPD-S is definitely included amongst their best work as unless you're looking for more pads or more control, this is pretty much the perfect drum pad to add to your kit. It's probably only worth it for those who are triggering sounds and samplers all the time, but either way it's an awesome tool for any drummer to have.