Electro-Harmonix POG

POG, Octavador/Armonizador/Whammy from Electro-Harmonix in the POG series.

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moosers 04/02/2009

Electro-Harmonix POG : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Electro-Harmonix POG is an extremely unique effects pedal. The POG, which stands for polyphonic octave generator, will add octaves above any note or chord you play, which makes for some incredibly interesting sounds. It is an analog pedal that has 1/4 inputs and outputs and is not rackable.


The general configuration of the pedal is pretty straight forward. It has 8 sliders - input, dry output, sub octave, +1 Octave, +1 Octave Detuned, +2 Octave, +2 Octave Detuned, and Low Pass filter. It is pretty easy to get a good sound out of this as the tracking is great on this pedal.


The effects are very useful, depending on what you are using it for. I can get a really great organ-like sound out of this that blows my mind whenever I use it. It is a versatile sounding pedal as it is possible to get a number of different sounds from this, and it also includes a low pass filter that can come in pretty handy. I have only used this pedal with guitar, but I'm sure it would sound pretty good on other instruments as well. It tracks incredibly well on guitar, making the sound very fluid.


I've been using the POG for about two years and it is yet another innovative pedal from Electro-Harmonix. It transforms my guitar sound into something that I could not achieve without it. I can't compare it to any other pedal, as I'm not sure that any other company has made anything like this pedal. Electro-Harmonix does have a micro POG that is a bit cheaper and has similar type of power, but this POG is much more in depth and has more options for control. While the price of this pedal will drive most away, if you are looking for some cool new sounds and have some money to blow, definitley check out this pedal as it is one of a kind!