Electro-Harmonix Micro POG
Electro-Harmonix Micro POG

Micro POG, Octavador/Armonizador/Whammy from Electro-Harmonix in the POG series.

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rarson 26/03/2008

Electro-Harmonix Micro POG : la opinión de rarson (content in English)


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The Micro POG is, as its name implies, a polyphonic octave generator. With the three knobs, you can control the mix between the dry signal, sub octave, and octave up. It includes an input, a wet output (effect out), and a dry output, along with a 9V connection, no battery clip. Electro-Harmonix includes a power adapter to get you going right out of the box.

The pedal is housed in a sturdy little enclosure, the same type as the Little Big Muff. It's a smaller version of the regular POG, which has more features and octave capabilities, but for the cheaper price, the Micro POG can do many similar sounds.


Easy as pie. Plug it in, dial in the amount of dry, sub, and octave up that you want, and hit the button. It doesn't get any easier, because the effect is so straight-forward.


Sounds great. I had a Digitech Whammy (the current version, not the original) which didn't track notes anywhere near as good as this does. It tracks really well. It has a sort of character to the sound, and it seems to work better after distortions rather than before, though I suppose it really depends on the sound you like best. If you place the POG after a distortion, the distortion itself is replicated over two octaves, so it gives a more distinct sound of 3 different notes. If you place it before the octaves, the sound kind of runs together. The octaves have sort of a digital sound to them; it doesn't sound bad at all, and I think it sounds pretty neat, but the octave up (for instance) isn't going to sound exactly like the guitar would if you simply played an octave higher. I think this sound quality is interesting and lends another dimension to the palate of sounds you can create with it.

I almost sounds like an organ when you add all three octaves together. And when palm muting, it almost sounds like a brief orchestra hit. I like the sound quite a bit.


It's a very cool pedal, and something that can introduce some variety into your current setup. I know Jack White has a regular POG that he uses on some songs like "Blue Orchid," and despite the octave limitations, you can get basically the same sound with the Micro POG. But I just love playing with this thing. Moving it around in your chain will help you find the sounds you like best. It's a lot of fun to play with, and the quality of the effect is great. I actually liked it so much that I returned the Whammy, because the Whammy doesn't have anything on the Micro POG when it comes to sound quality.