EBS OctaBass
EBS OctaBass

OctaBass, Bass Octaver from EBS in the Black Label series.

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moosers 04/09/2010

EBS OctaBass : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The EBS Octabass is a bass guitar effects pedal that adds an octave below to the note played. It's an analog octave pedal and while it would maybe work on guitar, it's designed for bass and this is really the only situation I'd recommend using it in. It's got great tracking on bass, so I don't know how well that would translate since it's not designed for guitar. The pedal has a 1/4" input and output and required power from a nine volt power supply. It isn't rack mountable as it's a stomp box.


There isn't much at all to using the EBS Octabass. Even if you don't have much experience with octave pedals, you should be able to figure out everything without any help from a manual. The parameters that the Octabass has to work with include knobs for normal level, which is for the original note played, and for octave, which sets the level for the octave above. It also has a switch for setting the range, which gives you low, mid, or high settings to choose from. I haven't seen the manual for the EBS Octabass.


The sound of the EBS Octabass is one of the best I've heard from an octave pedal in general, let alone one for bass guitar. It's got some of the most realistic tracking for an octave pedal out there, as it feels very real and can even handle chords, which is definitely pretty rare for an octave pedal. I've used the Octabass pedal with a Fender Jazz Bass in the studio. A client brought in this pedal, so I don't own it and the studio I work at doesn't either. It's not the type of effect that we used very often, but when we did it really sounded great...


If you are looking for an octave pedal for your bass guitar, look no further than the EBS Octabass. It's great for bass players who like to play up on the top notes, as to me this is where it sounds best. It's very easy to use, but at the same time offers up a good amount of control. I'd recommend checking out the Boss OC-3 octave pedal as well, but to me the Octabass is the best out there I've used...