TC Electronic Master Fader
TC Electronic Master Fader

Master Fader, Opción y Pieza para Mezcladora from TC Electronic.

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moosers 07/02/2011

TC Electronic Master Fader : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The TC Electronic Master Fader is a little device meant for use with TC Electronics' Finalizer mastering hardware. I don't believe that it comes with it, but is sold as a separate accessory option. I don't know the full compatibility of this in terms of which versions of the Finalizer it will work with, but we've got the Finalizer 96K version at the studio where I work. All the Master Fader is literally just a small, narrow fader that ends into a 1/4" mono cable. The point of the Master Fader is to provide a more hands on experience while using the Finalizer, using this for fade in and outs and everything in between. There isn't anything that you'll need to know or be aware of beyond this, as that's literally all there is to it. I don't know if this would be compatible with anything other than a Finalizer system, but it's a general 1/4" connection on one end, so I guess I wouldn't be surprised. Having said that, I wouldn't purchase it unless you're using it for Finalizer as that's the original intent. The feel of the fader isn't terrible at all as it's easy to maneuver, but it's not exactly the same as using a fader on a console, which I guess is the main idea here. The price of the TC Electronic Master Fader is perhaps a bit overpriced in my opinion. It's just a fader but still costs a bit over $100 US dollars. I guess it's not that much, but it's such a simple device that it certainly didn't cost them very much to make this. I'd of course look into Finalizer mastering hardware before ever considering the Master Fader, but it's definitely a nice accessory to consider if you do indeed have Finalizer.