Digidesign AIR DB-33
Digidesign AIR DB-33

AIR DB-33, Órgano Virtual from Digidesign.

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moosers 17/03/2010

Digidesign AIR DB-33 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Digidesign's AIR (Advanced Instrument Research) DB-33 is a virtual organ that comes with Pro Tools 8. The virtual instrument is basically a digital replication of a Hammond organ. It installed when I installed Pro Tools 8, so there wasn't anything else that I had to do to get it installed. The interface of the software is quite user friendly and easy to navigate around. It isn't complicated, and has the look of a real organ. It has all of the parameters you'd expect with a real organ, containing draw bars and vibrato and chorus effects. A manual isn't necessary, but I haven't seen one so I can't say anything about it's make up.


I have run the Digidesign AIR DB-33 on an Apple Quad Core desk top, running Pro Tools HD 8. I haven't had any issues at all with this software, both when using it with a MIDI controller and when using it as an effect. It doesn't seem to be the type of plug-in that takes up too much processing power, so I think that even if you have Pro Tools 8 LE, that you'll be okay with running it, granted that you have an adequate computer to run Pro Tools cleanly.


While I like the sound of the organ itself when using it with a MIDI controller a good deal, I end up using the Digidesign AIR DB-33 mostly for Leslie and other effects, applying them on other instrument tracks. I find that you can get some pretty awesome sounding vibrato and chorus tones on vocals, guitars, and keyboards with the DB-33. I can't really say that I'd recommend this one way or another, as it is a free piece of software that comes with Pro Tools 8, so you either have it or you don't. But if you do have it, I'd definitely encourage you to get familiar with it if you haven't already.