Native Instruments B4

B4, Órgano Virtual from Native Instruments in the B4 series.

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afterglow479 02/10/2008

Native Instruments B4 : la opinión de afterglow479 (content in English)


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This plug is super easy to install. Basically just load in the disc, type in your serial which should be with your DVD, and register the VST with your DAW. I didn't have any issues when I installed this, it went very smoothly. You don't really have to do any configuration at all once it is registered with your DAW, except to tell the program which MIDI controller to use if you are even using one. You will want to turn down your latency if you are using a MIDI controller, otherwise this plug will be difficult to use. The manual is really thorough and lets you know everything you need to know. Great package.


I have a Windows XP system that is custom built with top of the line CPU and RAM. I am running B4 on Cubase in the VST format, and it works like a charm - no problems at all. It only eats up about 3% of the CPU overhead, which is pretty good for a soft synth that sounds as good as this one does. The latency depends on your current driver setting, so again you'll want to crank that down so you can audition some sounds properly. It is also very stable, I don't think it ever crashed.


I have this in my home setup and I use it with a MIDI controller. I swear it's like playing the real thing! You can easily get a very basic B3 sound from the presets, and then you can adjust a huge amount of settings to get whatever tone you want. You can also adjust the leslie properties as well as reverb, amp type, and distortion. Overall it's a really great sounding, easy to use, plug that is worth every penny. I would definitely recommend it and would get it again myself. It's a great value too, they could probably charge more for this thing.