Clavia Nord C1
Clavia Nord C1

Nord C1, Órgano from Clavia.

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mooseherman 02/02/2011

Clavia Nord C1 : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Amazing Organ Simulator!"

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The Clavia Nord C3 is an organ simulator. It's basically one of the best, if not the best, out there right now, giving you perfect replications of the Hammond B3, Farfisa, and Vox continental organs, as well as pipe and church organs. Since these are among the most popular and celebrated (and therefore fiercely loved) organ sounds out there, a simulator needs to be really accurate, and it's really impressive just how accurate this thing is.
It has two keyboards which contain 61 keys each. There are accessories for a foot pedal to add the additional foot pumps, and there are a ton of different parameters to adjust, for instance, adding a leslie rotary speaker effect, reverb, delay, and different oscillation settings. There's also an EQ.


With all of these features it can be a real struggle to manage this thing well, however, setting different presets isn't too hard and can help make this thing a lot easier. Basically you just have to take the time to get used to switching between sounds, if you plan on doing a lot of switching during songs. If not it's pretty easy.
Getting this thing setup is simple if you want to use it live but it's definitely less conventional than plugging a keyboard into an amp, assuming you want to use it at its full potential. For all the features it offers, however, this is a small complaint.


I honestly still can't believe how accurate these sounds are. Organs, which are notoriously difficult to record, seemed even more impossible to replicate digitally, but Nord seems to have this thing nailed. While the church and pipe organs do a great job replicating the original sounds (especially in the studio!), the real highlight for me is for the Hammond and Vox, as well as Farfisa, emulations. This is where the instrument becomes invaluable for gigging. There's so many variations that you can get virtually any kind of Hammond or Continental sound you want.


Overall this is probably the best simulator out there. I can't believe how realistic it is. These are expensive but absolutely worth it to any organ player who doesn't have the means to tow an organ from gig to gig. I absolutely highly recommend this to almost any keys player who wants to get into playing organ, as it's really the next best thing.