Leslie 147
Leslie 147

147, Órgano from Leslie.

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moosers 12/11/2010

Leslie 147 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Leslie 147 is a standard speaker cabinet for use with Hammond organs. You must know this if you are looking at this review, but Leslie cabinets are unique because they have a rotating tweeter which gives Hammond organs it's signature sound. I've used the Leslie 147 with a Hammond C3 organ.


You don't need to control the Leslie 147 in any way really as everything is controlled via the organ you're using it with. You can control the tweeter in terms of if you want it to be rotating or not, but beyond that there's no real parameters to work with beyond volume control. Some Leslie cabinets have been modded over the years, but the 147 that I've used was standard. A manual isn't necessary for use with the 147, but perhaps you might want one for the organ you're using it with if you're feeling lost.


The Leslie 147 absolutely does the job for use with a Hammond organ. It sounds great through this speaker, but unless you have a few Leslies set up next to each other to shoot out, it's hard to tell what's the speaker and what's the organ itself. Having said this, the 147 sounds as good as any other Leslie cabinet that I've used before with other Hammond organs. Basically it's got a nice and full sound and has the classic rotating tweeter. What else could you ask for?


The Leslie 147 is really the perfect speaker cabinet for your Hammond or other comparable organ. There's nothing on paper that really makes the 147 stand out, as it's got the same features that you'll find with most Leslie cabinets, but the sound of the organ is impeccable through this speaker and that's really all that evidence I need. If you're choosing a Leslie cabinet for your organ, the 147 is a fine choice...