Yamaha Electone 205D
Yamaha Electone 205D

Electone 205D, Órgano from Yamaha in the Electone series.

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mooseherman 11/05/2010

Yamaha Electone 205D : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Interesting Keyboard with Silly Sounds!"

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I don't really know whether I like this keyboard's sounds or whether they are just funny. It's really an organ with some settings that make it sound like an electric piano. The sounds that come out of this are similar to the ones heard on the score to the movie "Napoleon Dynamite", if that rings bells for anybody. There's a couple different settings, some are labeled guitar, strings, etc. but they are pretty much irrelevant as they don't really sound anything like those instruments. The dual keyboards both cover different octaves and are easy to switch between with both hands. There are a lot of drum sounds and rhythm sounds going on, but they are also very cheesy. I don't know if I would ever record with them unless I was going for that campy effect. That being said, these are PERFECT for such effects. I doubt these would run you much money, and if you have enough down time to mess around with this stuff, it can be fun, if a little mindless. I'd say get it at a garage sale for dirt cheap, but nothing more. I have fond memories of this thing, so I like it, but don't get the wrong idea, it's not the greatest electric piano I've seen. It's mostly fun for dinking around on your own as a one man band, and I've actually been able to entertain people with silly songs while playing it. Probably the best instrument around if that happens to be your ambition.