Eastman AC608CE
Eastman AC608CE
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SonicPulverizer 03/09/2012

Eastman AC608CE : la opinión de SonicPulverizer (content in English)

"Great small guitar"

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The Eastman AC608CE is an extraordinarily beautiful guitar in regards to both looks and playing experience. The AC608CE boasts a solid Englemann Spruce top, figured maple back and sides, maple neck with flame extended all the way to the headstock, and an ebony fingerboard. The guitar is adorned with a stunning abalone rosette, while the simple pearl dot inlays speak to the guitar's understated elegance. The onboard electronics consist of a Fishman Matrix VT pickup system.


The guitar has excellent handling and tonality straight away. The venetian style cutaway offers tons of comfortable access beyond the 15th fret while the finish and shape of the neck itself lends immensely to more acrobatic playing styles. Despite the smaller body shape, the Eastman projects a great amount of sound. Tuning stability is excellent. The fishman pickup is simple and sounds very good in this guitar.


The AC sounds brilliant and offers a loud albeit bright voice that adds a subtle sweetness to everything to play on it. The guitar sounds very similar to both the Taylor GC5 and GS mini guitars, all lending a crystal like quality to playing arpeggios on the higher strings that I seldom hear in other guitars. Although the guitar sounds and responds perfectly well with a plectrum, the Eastman excels at fingerstyle playing and soft chording.


The Eastman AC608CE is one of the finest acoustic guitars I've played. It sounds remarkably similar to the Taylor 12 fret and GC5, both guitars I loved. The GC5 is the superior instrument in the price point in terms of sound but you will compromise the cutaway and some finer appointments such as the extensive flame maple decor. If you love the sound of the Eastman, I strongly recommend you try the Taylor GS mini. I has tested both guitars extensively but ultimately settled on the GS because of price. I didn't need all the pretty bits. If you intend to play it in a live setting however, the inclusion of superior onboard electronics make the Eastman an obvious choice .