Godin Multiac Duet Steel
Godin Multiac Duet Steel

Multiac Duet Steel, Other acoustic-electric guitar from Godin in the Multiac Steel series.

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phraseland 04/12/2008

Godin Multiac Duet Steel : la opinión de phraseland (content in English)


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This is my Godin Multiac Steel Duet. I have been playing it for about four years now and loved every second of it.
The top is made of massive spruce and the body and neck are made of mahagony with a rosewood fretboard. The guitar has an under-saddle pickup (I believe it is a L.R.Baggs) and a contact microphone attached to the top. This is also the reason for the name 'duet' as it can blend between those two. The bridge is built just like on an acoustic steel string guitar and the head is built with an 'open-headstock' design. This apparently gives the strings more sustain and makes it look a bit classier...just pray you don't have to change strings while being on stage...

Props to Godin for incorporating a phantom powered XLR Plug!


When you hold the neck it becomes quickly apparent that this guitar was built by a manufacturer of electric guitars. It has a smooth satin finish and feels and plays like butter. I can easily switch from rhythmic playing to leads and the ergonomy is absolutely fantastic. I think the only problem is that it just doesn't really feel like an acoustic anymore - so I caught myself playing electric guitar licks instead of what I would play on an acoustic. This is however just an observation. The guitar also doesn't look very acoustic anymore and for a singer/songwriter like me this would have been a nice feature (though not the most important).
I also don't know why they haven't come up with something more ergonomic than those tiny faders to adjust the sound. They sound quite good but are totally useless if you need to change volumes while playing/singing.


Plugged in this guitar is to me the best sounding acoustic sound on the market! It might be a tid bit too bright - but that is something that can be adjusted on the guitar itself and on the amp. I have been playing this guitar with a Fender Hot Rod Deville and it sounds much better than most 'real' acoustic amps. So just try it out.
I mainly use the under saddle pickup and add maybe 20% microphone. Any more and the sound becomes very washed.


What can I say - I love this guitar! It sounds ok acoustic (a nice little feature on the side), sounds great plugged in, stays in tune, is very feedback resistant and has very good intonation. The look is a matter of taste and some people would prefer to have a more 'acoustic' design. It is a 'working man' guitar - nothing fancy but everything of very high quality.
If it got lost or stolen I would immediatly buy one again!