BBE Sonic Maximizer 802
BBE Sonic Maximizer 802

Sonic Maximizer 802, Other dynamic processor from BBE.

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moosers 09/10/2010

BBE Sonic Maximizer 802 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The BBE Sonic Maximizer 802 is a dual channel signal processor that essentially makes your sound a bit brighter. It's really a glorified high end EQ, although sometimes something like this can come in handy. Each of the two channels has both XLR and 1/4" inputs and outputs and the unit will fit in a single space of a traditional rack casing.


The make up of the BBE Sonic Maximizer 802 is really simple. It doesn't take much to understand how to use everything here, as there's just one knob for processing the amount of the effect you'd like. That's really all that there is to it, so a manual shouldn't be needed.


The BBE Sonic Maximizer 802 really doesn't do anything good for your sound in my opinion. A studio that I used to work at had one of these. We didn't really use it on any sessions, but when the studio got sold we went through all of the gear to see what would be worthwhile keeping and what should or could be sold. After trying it out on a few different things, we decided it wasn't even worth keeping because it just didn't sound very good to us. I've used other BBE Sonic Maximizers that I've found useful, but I can't say this is on the list.


I can't say that I endorse the BBE Sonic Maximizer 802 in any way. I've used a number of different BBE products, some of which have been useful, but I have to say that the 802 model can really only hurt your sound in most situations. If you want something like this, I'd suggest looking at some of the other, newer models. Even so, I'd probably recommend putting your time and money into something else a bit more worthwhile, or checking out the plug-in version of this type of processor. There is good news if you want one though, as upon further inspection, it turns out that it isn't sold for much anyway!