Fulltone GT-500
Fulltone GT-500

GT-500, Other guitar saturation effect from Fulltone.

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iamqman 14/04/2011

Fulltone GT-500 : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)


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This is one cool sounding pedal. It is a distortion box and a booster pedal all in one. This pedal features a boost on the left and a distortion on the right. However, you don't have to keep them there. There is a mini switch that can allow you to change the sequence or arrangement of which unit comes first in the signal chain. I have never seen a pedal be able to do that before this one. A great idea which gives the user so many more tonal options.

Fulltone GT-500 FET Distortion + Booster and Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

* Maximum Current Draw: 14 milliamps (all knobs cranked)
* Weight: 2 lb.
* Size: 5-3/4" W x 2-1/2" H x 3-7/8 D

Distortion side
* Input impedance: 150K
* Output impedance: 15K

Booster/OD side
* Input impedance: 500K
* Output impedance: 600 ohms


The thing is pretty self explanatory. Each side has a Volume and drive control knob. One side says distortion, but it is the same idea. Underneath that you will find on the left side a mini knob called highs and another one called bass. Self explanatory as to what these two controls do. Underneath the distortion side there are three EQing control knobs labeled bass, mids, and highs and you can guess what they do.


This pedal sounds best with the gain and drive controls turned all the way up. At least this is my favorite setting. The volume doesn't make a difference since i would run it unity anyway. The EQing is just personal preference on your guitars and amps. So there really isn't much to say here other than try it with any guitar and any amp and it sounds very good. It has a chewy thick crunch to it when you turn the gain all the way up. I personally like running the boost in front of the distortion side as I think it adds more thick saturation. The other way sounds a little louder in volume to me.


This is a very highly used pedal from Fulltone. A great versatile pedal that is capable of some heavy distortion grind and boosting options. At new these units come in at a round $170. Not a bad price for two pedals in one.

I would recommend this pedal to anyone who needs a solid overdrive pedal and boost function in one unit. The thing will take up some space on your pedal board so be aware of that.