Rhythm Tech Hat Trick
Rhythm Tech Hat Trick

Hat Trick, Other Non-Chromatic Percussion from Rhythm Tech.

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moosers 26/01/2011

Rhythm Tech Hat Trick : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Rhythm Tech Hat Trick is a unique tambourine that sits on top of your hi hat in the context of a complete drum kit. It's specifically designed to be mounted directly on the top of your hi hat, making it so it sounds with each hi hat click. It's definitely a nice little 'trick' to have around, as it makes it possible to get the sound of the tambourine happening without needing an extra arm. The Hat Trick comes in a few different models, as you can get it with either a single layer of jingles or dual layers. You can also get it with either nickle or brass jingle, with the latter being a bit more expensive. I'm not so sure how different the sound will be, but I'm assuming that there is a little bit of difference. The version that I've used has silver jingles. The studio I'm currently working at has one of these in our percussion box, although it only sees occasional use. It's probably going to be more useful in a live setting where you wouldn't have the luxury of overdubbing a tambourine. However, it's not exactly the same sound as you'll get with a typical tambourine, as you're going to be playing it differently. I would think that most drummers who wanted this sound would have it already and probably wouldn't be picking it up in the studio. I'm really just judging this on the fact that I've never really seen any outside drummers pick ours up and use it. That said, it's an awesome tool to have around as you never know when it's going to fit a situation perfectly. Rhythm Tech makes a variety of other percussive instruments that can be mounted to drums, so I'd check out the full array of what they have to offer if you think this is as cool of an idea as I do.