Bomb Factory Essential Clip Remover
Bomb Factory Essential Clip Remover

Essential Clip Remover, Other software dynamics processor from Bomb Factory.

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mooseherman 25/10/2010

Bomb Factory Essential Clip Remover : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"I can't believe how well this can work!"

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This is a compression/limiter program that comes with Pro Tools packages now. This is pretty awesome, as this tool is very useful to almost anyone who uses Pro Tools. There are no compatibility issues with this plug-in, assuming that your Pro Tools setup has no issues either. The plug-in is really easy to figure out and use, assuming you know it's role.
Basically, this processor will take clipped audio (or audio that is too loud to be processed by the machine, resulting in awful-sounding distortion), and will process it in order to fix such a mistake. Even the most careful engineers will eventually have some signals that clip, it is the nature of recording music. Therefore, one can either redo a take (not always possible), or perhaps use the pencil tool to trim around the waveform. This makes all that redundant.


I've never had an issue with this software not working correctly. I think that it is just as useable as any of the BombFactory plugins that currently come with ProTools. It's always a quick performance with little to no jitters. I've been using it for a pretty long time now, about two years.


I definitely think this thing is pretty great. Granted, no clipped audio is ever REALLY going to sound 100% perfect after being processed. At least it'll never sound as good as regular audio that isn't clipped. But this plug-in will make it sound right again. And it'll do it really well, usually making it worth not tracking again. Sometimes it will clip so badly, and be so damaged that no tool or plug-in can save it. That's inevitable. But this plug-in will greatly reduce those instances in Pro Tools. A highly useful plug-in, to say the least.