Drawmer Dynamics TDM
Drawmer Dynamics TDM

Dynamics TDM, Other software dynamics processor from Drawmer.

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moosers 07/09/2009

Drawmer Dynamics TDM : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Installing the Drawmer Dynamics TDM plug-in was just about as easy as it gets to install a piece of software.  It only took a few minutes to get it up and running and I didn't have any compatibility issues or any other problems.  The interface of the software isn't too hard to figure out as all of the compressor, noise gate, and expander are pretty user friendly.  Each has pretty basic parameters as the compressor has parameters for threshold, attack, ratio, release, gain and limit and the noise gate and expander have similar parameters but of course are slightly different to what they do.  I didn't take me long at all to figure out the interface of the software and those with any experience with dynamic processors won't have trouble either.  For this reason I don't think a manual is a necessity.


The Drawmer Dynamics TDM plug-in always runs pretty smoothly within my configuration as it doesn't take up too much processing power from what I can tell.  I have run the plug-in on a Pro Tools HD system and an Apple G5 and it always runs smoothly and stably within this configuration.  I am able to run as many of them as I'd like, but have really only run three to four at a time within a session.  Of course it will vary if you are using an LE version of this it will probably be a bit harder to run more of these, as is the case when comparing any plug-in on an LE and an HD system.


I've been using the Drawmer Dynamics TDM plug-in for about a year or so after using hardware versions of it and I've become a big fan of both the hardware and this plug-in.  It has a really clean sound and is extremely easy to use and navigate through.  The price is reasonable and even though this is for the TDM version, I'm sure they have an LE version that is a bit cheaper.  All in all, this is a versatile plug-in that sounds great and is easy to use.