Nomad Factory British MCL-2269
Nomad Factory British MCL-2269

British MCL-2269, Other software dynamics processor from Nomad Factory.

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moosers 03/01/2011

Nomad Factory British MCL-2269 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Nomad Factory British MCL-2269 is one of two plug-ins that make up the Nomad Factory British Bundle. It comes along with the NEQ-1972 equalizer, and I don’t believe it’s available individually. The bundle is suitable for both mixing and mastering purposes, but I’ve really only used it for mixing thus far. I don’t own the plug-in but have used it at the studio where I currently work, which has almost all of the Nomad Factory plug-in available. Learning the plug-in was hard for me, but certainly it takes some prior knowledge of dynamic processors, as is going to be the case when starting off with any compressor/limiter. The parameters that the MCL-2269 has available include input and output level controls, make up (compression) gain, attack, recovery, ratio, recovery, threshold, and limit level. There are separate switches for turning the compressor and limiter on or off as well, so it’s not just a compressor/limiter in one. A manual would be a good idea if you’re just getting used to compressor/limiters, but shouldn’t be necessary for experienced users.


The studio I’m working at has the Nomad Factory British MCL-2269 plug-in running on all of our systems, which is a good number as we have a bunch of studios on site. However, I’ve mostly used it in the main room, although I’ve used it on a few of the systems, all of which are pretty comparable as far as how well they’ll run plug-ins since they’re all Pro Tools HD systems. Regardless, most users won’t have any problems running this on their systems.


The Nomad Factory British MCL-2269 is one of my favorite overall compressor/limiters that Nomad has to offer (and they’ve got a lot of them). I’m not completely sure what type of hardware this is modeling, but it’s some sort of British based module, hence the name of course. It has a really full sound for a plug-in and definitely gives off a vintage vibe both in sound and look. The MCL-2269 is best suited when you’re looking to get in depth dynamic processing, and I think it’s really awesome that it’s got a separate compressor and limiter as usually they’ll have the same controls for both. Since you can’t buy it on it’s own (I don’t think), it’s worth checking out the NEQ-1972 equalizer that’s paired in the British Bundle with this plug-in, which is also quite cool as it’s definitely a great bundle to have!