Gator Cases GRB-4U
Gator Cases GRB-4U

GRB-4U , Otra Funda/Bolso from Gator Cases.

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songboy 19/11/2010

Gator Cases GRB-4U : la opinión de songboy (content in English)

"Not too bad in a pinch"

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What I like most about this Rack bag is the fact that, despite being a bag, it has a hard plastic (i believe it is plastic) mold on the inside that gives the bag a solid protective structure for you gear. I own an RME Fireface 800 and I purchased a heavy duty, shock foam ATA Flight case for it and a few other pieces of high end recording gear. I love that case but it with all the gear in it, I seriously struggle to lift it on my own. So, when I play gigs I still need the Fireface of course but I don't need the extra 80+ pounds the case with all the other gear adds. In a pinch, I ran to my local music store and found this guy.
I was hesitant to put such an expensive piece of gear inside a "cheap" case, but I really didn't have many options. I paid around $70 for the Gator bag and I have to say, I am pretty darn happy with it. I would never trust my super nice gear with this case on the Road, but for shooting to local gigs and mobile recording sessions, its fantastic.
The case is good quality, the zippers zip well, the rack inside has no "bad placement" issues and it has the "hard case" underneath the bag for extra protection. It also has a convenient Zipper pouch on top for storing cables and other vital equipment accessories. It also has a handle and a decent strap for travel.
I have many other Rack cases but this is my first "Soft" case. Yes, I would buy this unit again, its cheap and it does it's job well.