Harmony (String Instruments) Patrician

Patrician, Otra Guitarra Acústica from Harmony (String Instruments).

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moosers 04/09/2009

Harmony (String Instruments) Patrician : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Harmony Patrician is a hollow body acoustic guitar that has been around for quite some time.  The model of this guitar that I have played is from 1959 and was made in the USA.  It has about twenty frets and since it is a hollow body guitar has two F holes on it.  It isn't an acoustic/electric, although it does look like it should be and definitely doesn't have the sound and feel of a traditional acoustic guitar.


The feel of the Harmony Patrician is pretty awesome.  It is easy to play all around the neck and especially feels good for finger picking.  I've never had any issues with the action on the guitar as it always feels good on the fingers.  It is pretty easy to get a nice sound from this guitar but it is definitely a specific type of sound.  


The sounds that you can get from the Harmony Patrician is great for blues and for country or folk.  It sounds good for other genres, but the ones I previously mentioned seem to be its forte.  It has a really interesting sound that to me is perfect for blues and finger picking and also great for country.  The only downfall of the sound is that you can't plug it in, so you really only get the one sound that you are get acoustically.  To me this isn't a big deal but I would see why some people would want the option to plug it in.  Not much else to say about the sound that can be described without hearing it, so I suggest that if you are really interested in this guitar you should seek one out to try for yourself.


I've been using the Harmony Patrician for practicing and recording for about a year.  I've really come to appropriate Harmony guitars in this time and this is a really great guitar.  It certainly has a great look and feel and the sound is unique and is great at what is does.  These are somewhat hard to find but if you can find one they aren't all that expensive and sometimes people don't know what they have.  This is definitely a guitar that is worth looking into if you want a unique hollow body acoustic guitar.