Ibanez ICHRG2
Ibanez ICHRG2
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iamqman 11/10/2011

Ibanez ICHRG2 : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Little odd but cool "

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These guitars happily have an interesting look and an interesting body shape but the overall feel is a very Gibson type feel. If you have ever play to Gibson Les Paul or a Gibson explorer then you'll notice the balance weight and feel of the body can be very similar to his guitar. These guitars are built to be played hard and shred. Give very fast next and over all the action on the frets are extremely smooth and easy. They come with it to humbug to pick ups a volume control and pick up selector. They a lot of times have the Floyd Rose or Schaller tremolo Bridge systems installed. This makes metal and hard rock players gravitate towards these guitars.


Make/Model: Ibanez IC HRG2
Serial Number: CP05071097
Neck/Fingerboard Wood: Maple/Rosewood
Scale Length: 24.75"
Nut Width: 1 11/16"
Weight: 7.2 Lbs.
Finish Color: Graphic Print
Pickup/Control Layout: Ibanez Axis AH1 humbucking neck pickup: Ibanez Axis AH2 humbucking bridge pickup. 2V 2T/ 3 way switch.
Features: Sweet Graphic Print Finish, Set Neck, Strap Locks, Comes with Coffin Case
NOTE: This Guitar is set up to be tuned to A# or B and has heavy 12 gauge strings with a wound 3rd.


This guitar sounds pretty good in a rock setting because of the thick double humbucker pickups. It can have a warm sound that is going to be comparable to a Gibson sounding guitar. These guitars primarily used mahogany wood and a mahogany neck wood. So you'll then have a very thick and warm tone. If you see Paul Gilbert then you can see a similar body shape to this guitar only his guitars feature single coil pickups rather than humbucker pickups.


These guitars of been discontinued for a while now but you can find them in the used section and in the classifieds very easily for right around 300 or $500. That's a pretty good price for good quality guitar mating Korea. They are fun guitars and definitely have a unique look to them.