PRS CE24 Black
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iamqman 04/09/2011

PRS CE24 Black : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Holy guitar tones"

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This Paul Reed Smith guitar is named at the 24th because of the neck scale length. This compared to the 22 is only a couple inches in difference. All the controls and features and tone is pre-much the same he just get a little bit more fret action with the longer neck. This guitar is a boutique guitar and it down is an expensive guitar for a lot of people including myself but is a great guitar if your wanting step up to a quality built guitar as well as a very versatile quality sound guitar.

These guitars are very easy to play on the neck is a little bit chunky so if you spend any time playing against Les Paul or Gibson flying V then you will probably feel comfortable with this guitar. If you can use to playing a fender telecaster or something like an Ibanez guitar then this snack is going to be a little awkward for you. It's going to be thicker and the radius of it will be a little strange comparatively to a shredder guitar.


Paul Reed Smith CE 24 Maple Top Electric Guitar Features:

* Bolt-on 24-fret maple neck for classic maple neck clarity
* Comfortable wide-thin neck carve
* 25" scale length, 10" radius fretboard
* Friction-resistant "unobtanium" nut
* Abalone dot inlays (bird inlays by special order)
* Maple-topped, one-piece mahogany body
* Gorgeous "dipped in glass" clearcoat finish
* HFS Vintage Treble/Bass pickup combination
* Coil-tapping 5-way rotary pickup selector with volume and tone controls
* PRS tremolo with locking tuners
* Paul Reed Smith signature logo headstock
* Tolex covered rectangular hard case
* Made in USA


The tone of this guitar is an exceptional one. It sounds fantastic with pretty much any amplifier you put it in. I personally like the sound of the Paul Reed Smith amps with their own guitars. They're able to find a great chemistry and connection with the sound of their amps in the voicing of the ramps with these guitars. Usually there and sour low to mid gain amps so they really bring out and allow the guitars to shine with their note separation and clarity.

These guitars also sounds fantastic with a high gain amplifier as well. So if you're playing the marshal amplifier or Mesa boogie amplifier in this guitars but it sounds very well in that type of setting. When my favorite sounds is not necessarily this guitar but Paul Reed Smith guitar and a Bogner. This is what Mark Tremonti the guitar player from Alter Bridge and he uses in his live recording and stage guitar rig. These guitar sound fantastic with a Bogner amplifier think it's a good chunky distortion town because these guitars are able to get a good chunky rhythmic tone.


You find his guitar for right around $2000 which is a pretty high price for any kind of guitar. However, this is an exotic built and exotic wood guitar so am the price is in net. This is a guitar for the professional musician and not someone is starting out on the guitar or a learner. So if you have an opportunity to play his guitar then I would recommend it before shelling out the money to own it because you might not jive with it because it feels a little bit different then many guitars that are more common such as Fender Stratocaster or telecaster.