PRS CE24 LTD (limited edition)
PRS CE24 LTD (limited edition)

CE24 LTD (limited edition), Otra Guitarra Eléctrica de Cuerpo Sólido from PRS.

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iamqman 31/12/2011

PRS CE24 LTD (limited edition) : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Sweet Axe!"

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Paul Reed Smith guitars have a great feel and overall are very exotic in their construction. When you pick up a Paul Reed Smith guitar you immediately notice how well-built these instruments really are and how their construction quality is very superb. The tone of these guitars are very similar to a Gibson style voicing. That could be due to the thick mahogany wood that is used throughout their billed process. Generally these guitars will feature the exact same wood compliments and combination as any other Gibson custom or standard Les Paul guitar. So essentially when you get is a mahogany body and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard and generally a flame maple top or a quilted maple top on the. You'll get the standard two humbucker pick ups and sometimes you have a three humbug or pick up and many Paul Reed Smith guitars. But overall you get a very similar voicing as you would a Gibson Les Paul instrument.


PRS Custom 22 Left Handed 10 Top Limited Edition Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

Limited run - 1 of only 250 made
Color: Fire Red Burst
Amazing Ten Top maple on a rich mahogany back
25" scale length
22 fret mahogany wide fat neck with rosewood fretboard
Old-school abalone bird inlays
Nickel finished PRS low mass locking tuners and hardware
PRS Tremolo bridge
Uncovered 59/09 neck and bridge pickups
Volume and push/pull tone control with 3-way toggle pickup selector


If you've ever played a Gibson Les Paul and you're going to be very comfortable with this instrument. So the tone, saturation, and feel is going to be very similar to a Gibson Les Paul guitar. The areas that these guitars really excel in is the high gain amplification setting. But still these guitars sounds very good at clean tones as well. I think that might be one of the selling points on these guitars is their ability to be even more versatile than a Gibson Les Paul guitar in my opinion. I find it to Gibson Les Paul guitars don't really do well in a clean setting but they excel in a hard rock high gain set, whereas the Paul Reed Smith guitars can do it all. I have seen Paul Reed Smith guitars played by country musicians all the way through pop and up to nu metal guitar players. That's a lot of versatility in one type of instrument. For me that is a very high selling point on these guitars and also the ability to reach the higher fretboard because of the cutaway body on these guitars. I find it a lot easier to do soloing and riffing on the higher frets because of the cutaway which makes my playing time much more enjoyable.


These guitars are fairly expensive and can be quite a heavy burden for a budget musician. So I find that these guitars are really tailored towards the person who has been around the block a while and knows exactly what they want and also the person is a professional and has a little bit bigger bank account to afford these type of guitars. Overall these are great sounding instruments and have a great versatility with a solid sound and beautiful look. These guitars are great for recording and they're also fantastic for live stage playing as well.