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moosers 12/05/2009

Silvertone 1448 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Silvertone 1448 is a pretty old guitar that has become what now is Danelectro and if you ever need any replacement parts you can find them through them. The Silvertone 1448 only has a single pick up with knobs for tone and volume and is interesting in both look and shape, as it has an interesting body shape and has all of the tuning pegs on one side of the headstock, which is rarely seen. Silvertone started out as the manufacturer for Sears and I believe that is where this guitar was originally sold.


The neck of the Silvertone 1448 feel good, but it isn't incredibly easy to play or anything like this. While it is certainly playable, the neck sometimes feels old and while the specific guitar that I have used has good action, I've heard of other people who aren't too happy with the original action on this guitar, which makes it hard to play. The shape of the guitar is pretty awesome however, and is extremely light in weight. Getting a good sound from the Silvertone 1448 isn't too hard but there isn't that much versatility involved because it only has one pick up.


The sound quality of the Silvertone 1448 is pretty unique, but what you see off the bat is what you get because there isn't too much tone control with this guitar. While I like the sounds I can get from the single pick up, I would love to have another pick up that I could blend with the other one to get a wider variety of different sounds. I have only really used the Silvertone 1448 for clean sounds and I would probably recommend sticking to this as I don't think this is the best guitar for using distortion with.


I've been using the Silvertone 1448 for about two or three years and while it is certainly a piece of history and is very interesting, it isn't the best feeling or sounding guitar. However, it does have its own unique sound and look to it that makes it a great collectible or great for certain situations. If you can find this guitar now, which is somewhat hard as they aren't all that readily available, the price isn't that cheap. You are paying for the fact that this is classic and old guitar, not really for the sound or feel. If you are looking for a great sounding overall guitar, this isn't it but it certainly has its cool features to it.