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ericthegreat 25/11/2011

Switch Guitars Wild-I : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"for a pro"

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The Wild -I are pretty exceptional guitars for a working musician and not the budget musician. They do make some versions that are a little cheaper for the budget musician though. But hey you get what you pay for, so if you want that best sound you will have to pay best sound prices.


These guitars are pretty easy a play and if you have a good amplifier to go along with this guitar and you'll be set. Keep the necks are pretty big and thick so if you have big hands at a work for you but if you have smaller hands sometimes this won't be ideal. You might be looking for a Ibanez thickness of the neck rather than this guitar.


These guitar sound fantastic. If you playing through a Paul Reed Smith guitar amplifier because I guess they're voiced together to match each other perfectly. Generally the Paul Reed Smith guitar ants are a low to medium game so you're getting get a lot of notes separation clarity when he plays guitar through one of those in. The great overall sound and the high gain pickups will allow you to get a good hard rock and classic rock tone from grandpa fires. If you use in conjunction with the solid distortion or overdrive pedal you can get some great hard rock tones as well. I primarily like Paulie Smith guitars especially this one with a high gain amplifier. Just to use with a marshall or a Mesa boogie and you can get some great solid hard rock in the metal tones with this guitar. These guitars take drop tuning very well so don't be afraid to use that your discretion.


At new these guitars coming in at a pretty expensive price for guitar but then again this is for a touring professional and a professional guitarist list that time and knows exactly what they want. This is a great guitar for someone who's engaging musician and wants to put a great instrument or hands for recording and live purposes.