Washburn WI64 Relic
Washburn WI64 Relic
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ericthegreat 25/11/2011

Washburn WI64 Relic : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"high quality washburn"

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The Washburn Wi 64 Handle is very comfortable, I played on strat so it changes me, but it adapts very quickly and runs very fast and accessible in the treble, the 22nd fret of the low E string went 3 months without any damage to the wrist with this guitar.


Cant really say how much I love this guitar, I have used many Washburn’s over my years as a musician and the Wi 64 Relic is one of the better ones that they make, not the most expensive one though. Which means that you can get a great sound for a small price. And I am all about getting gear for a low price, especially gear that sounds great.


When the price tag came into view, and I realized that wasn't the case. I also realized that if this thing played as good as it looked, and was at all comfortable, I was going to get it. To make a long story short, I got it. It's set-up was really nice, and the pick-ups sounded incredible. The coil "tap" trims 30% off the single-coil and gives you a whole different (softer, jazzier)tone, at much less volume. It is useful, I was just surprised to see a single coil pick-up tapped. Fit & finish is as good as I've ever encountered on a Washburn. It's a beautiful guitar that, IMO, just needs black bell knobs to be perfect. And maybe gold hardware down the road


overall, super comfortable to play, as ultra light weight pen overgrazing. even lighter than SG! It is even so light that sometimes it seems to play like a kid guitar but if you really listen you can tell that its great quality. This guitar is a no brainer, the settings are basic, Les Paul style. there is just the knobs to split the microphones. Nothing beats the sound, I like the locking tuners and push/pull coil split pickups. Sounds fantastic.