Yamaha AES920
Yamaha AES920

AES920, Otra Guitarra Eléctrica de Cuerpo Sólido from Yamaha in the AES series.

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tjon901 23/06/2011

Yamaha AES920 : la opinión de tjon901 (content in English)

"Flagship Yamaha AES "

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Yamaha has been in the music industry for ever. They are well known for their studio and recording equipment. They are also well respected for their Pianos and Band equipment but it has not been so good in the guitar industry. Yamaha has been overlooked in the guitar industry for decades. Most players who are looking for a more prestigious name on their guitar go to the known companies. The 920 has a mahogany body with a carved maple top. The guitar has a unique bridge with offset individual bridge blocks. It has a fat mahogany set neck with a rosewood fretboard with 22 medium frets. On the headstock there are six well placed grover tuners. It comes from the factory with Seymour Duncan 59's in each position. Each pickup has its own volume knob and there is a master tone knob.


The neck is nice and chunky and it really lets you dig in to notes. The frets are hand filed so there are no sharp edges on the fretboard to hurt your hand. The well spaced tuners allow you to string up or tune easily without hitting your fingers on the next tuner over. The carved top is very comfortable. The slightly offset individual bridge posts help get the intonation closer to perfect.


Acoustically the 920 is bright and super clear which is unusual for a mahogany guitar. You can really hear that maple top. The Seymour Duncan 59s work well in mahogany guitars. It shows that they really cared about the tone on this guitar when they put Seymour Duncan pickups in it from the factory. They could have easily put some no name pickup in there but they knew the Seymour Duncan was perfect for this application. You can get nice chunky distortion for all your favorite rock tones and the notes still remain clear. The maple top and the improved intonation really help keep the notes in line. The big neck helps the tone and the sustain. You can really feel every note you play resonate through the entire guitar.


You cant get a much better all around mahogany guitar for the price. It took everything a Les Paul has and improved it. The intonation is better so your notes really sing. It has high quality after market pickups in it from stock and it has a beautiful top. Yamaha is really making a name for themselves with these guitars. If they keep putting out guitars like this they will soon find them up with the big name brands. They are already there quality wise they just need to get their name out there and get the guitars in peoples hands. If you are looking for a good Les Paul alternative this could be your best bet.