Dunlop Formula No.65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner
Dunlop Formula No.65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner

Formula No.65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner, Otro Accesorio para Guitarra from Dunlop.

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MountAnDewMe 06/08/2012

Dunlop Formula No.65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner : la opinión de MountAnDewMe (content in English)

"A decent polish with long lasting results."

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The Dunlop Formula 65 polish and cleaner is designed to be used on guitars and basses with a polyurethane finish. As with any product of this nature you should first dust off any large particles, like pick dust debris, which may mark the finish first. It is designed to be sprayed on a high quality cleaning cloth and applied to the body of the guitar. Then flip the cloth and wipe the excess off which will also buff the finish to a shine. It can also be used on fully finished necks as long as they have been sealed with polyurethane.

I purchased this product when I was unable to find my usual brand in the local guitar shop. At first I was a bit disappointed with it because it did not seem to bring out a high quality shine as my normal polish did. I did initially notice that it did clean the instrument very effectively however so I did use it again on other instruments as the need arose. It was after a few weeks that I really did take to this product. I found that although it did not provide as brilliant of a shine it had a much more valuable aspect that I might have missed if I stopped using it and just ordered my usual cleaner. The finish this provided seemed to somehow resist finger printing and that dull haze you get from a sweaty forearm on the lower bout. I also noticed that any dust or debris just blew off easily with a small puff of air.

I will continue to use this product as my new go to cleaner and polish just because it saves me work. Any saved effort in my life equates to more playing time and at my age I need all the time I have left to enjoy instead of maintaining my instruments. If I need a higher gloss for any reason I can always apply a coat of my other brand but that need rarely arises and I really only care that my gear is well cared for at this point.

I will stress this in caps "DO NOT USE THIS OR ANY SIMILAR PRODUCT ON NITRO FINISHES". These types of products will soften and wear away your precious nitro finishes because they never fully harden. They are intended only for polyurethane so simply make sure you know what you have before applying this family of products to an instrument.