E Bow E Bow Plus
E Bow E Bow Plus
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songboy 23/01/2009

E Bow E Bow Plus : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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I have had the Ebow for 1 year. What I like most about this item is basically its main purpose, giving you the ability to play a guitar like a violin (not exactly like a violin, but a simulation of). You can create some amazing guitar solos with this device. Another great option on this device is the ability to chose regular mode (creates the pitch you are actually playing on the fret board) or harmonic mode (adds overtones but is harder to play). Don't be fooled by what the ads and some might say, this is not a "easy" thing to use and sound great with right away. However, don't be too afraid, with a little practice time, it starts to sound cool. If you have a looping device, this thing will be some of the best fun you have ever had. The thing I like least about the unit is how awful it sounds when you hit the strings. Thats not exactly the ebow's fault, its more of the player's fault, but it takes some getting used to especially when you are switching to a different string. As for different models, this is the only one I have ever tried. I got mine used for $60. They normally go for around $80-90. I will put it this way, unless you are really going to spend the time to learn how to use this unit properly, its not worth much at all. You really can't half ass it, it is a very finicky device. But, get comfortable with it and use it tastefully and it will blow peoples minds. I personally love mine and have created multi layered guitar solos in the studio and come up with the craziest "sigur ros" type euphoria. Do be careful though, this is really just a small plastic device so you can easily lose it, and maybe break it. I dropped mine and it split and the battery when flying out. It actually went right back together and works great, but if they made a metal version, or something a little stronger, I would be much happier.