Egnater SS-4 Amp Switcher
Egnater SS-4 Amp Switcher

SS-4 Amp Switcher, Otro Accesorio para Guitarra from Egnater.

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ibanez4life SZ! 10/04/2011

Egnater SS-4 Amp Switcher : la opinión de ibanez4life SZ! (content in English)


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The Egnater SS-4 is a limited run 1 space rack unit that switches the load of up to 4 amplifiers between a single cabinet input. It features:

-1 Guitar in
-4 outputs to amplifier ins
-4 inputs for amplifier speaker outs
-Ground lifts
-MIDI in and thru

When building a 100% optimized rig, any guitarist will admit that each amplifier excels at a specific sound that other amplifiers simply can’t achieve. To have these varying sounds in the arsenal, the guitarist would like to run multiple heads, such as a fender for cleans, Marshall for crunch, and Boogie for high gain.

This unit from egnater allows the guitarist to safely run and switch up to 4 amplifiers between a single cabinet. Usually, to prevent any damage to the output transformer, a powered on tube amplifier MUST have some sort of a load on the output, which is the role a cabinet usually plays. This would require atleast a cabinet per head. The Egnater puts the necessary loading on the idle heads, and outputs the selected head to the cabinet. The amount of gear necessary to run multiple amplifiers is vastly reduced with this unit. The signal path on the unit is great as well, showing no tonal degradation at all, and allowing amplifiers to sound as if you were plugging directly into them.

All switching can be done via MIDI, allowing seamless integration into the switching interface of a rig. The switching is also instantaneous, and dead silent, which is very impressive for switching a powered signal. The ground lifts allow the multiple amplifiers to be run without any ground loops, which always show their ugly heads when running multiple amplifiers. This unit makes quick work of this task, which otherwise can take much longer to troubleshoot and solve.

If you wish to run more than one amp into a single cabinet, and need to control the switching between them on the fly, you owe it to yourself it find one of these. These are difficult to get a hold of, and for good reason- the operation is nothing short of perfect!