Fender Premium Platinum 12' Guitar Cable
Fender Premium Platinum 12' Guitar Cable

Premium Platinum 12' Guitar Cable, Otro Accesorio para Guitarra from Fender.

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moosers 05/07/2010

Fender Premium Platinum 12' Guitar Cable : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Fender Platinum Guitar Cable is a mono instrument cable that can be used with any kind of electric instrument. I've personally used it for recording with an electric guitar, but the setting that you use it in really makes no difference. This cable is about as good of an instrument cable as you'll find, as the platinum ends make sure that you've got the strongest connection possible without any signal loss or extra noise. Although this is an incredible guitar cable, something like this probably won't be necessary for anyone other than a professional who has a good amount of money to spend on their gear. This cable is incredibly expensive, as you could buy a few high quality guitar cables at the price you'd get one of these for. Fender certainly knows what they're doing when it comes to everything guitar, so you can always trust their craftsmanship. There's really no question about the quality of this cable, but the real question comes with if this is really necessary at the price that it commands. The price will vary depending on the length of the cable that you get, but either way you're going to pay a healthy amount of this cable. While this is probably one of the best instrument cables that you can get, I wouldn't recommend getting it unless you've got some money to burn on an expensive cable, or if you're putting together a professional studio and want a few extremely high quality guitar cables to have. The only thing that's a downer with this cable is the price, and although you can get quality guitar cables for a fraction of this price, this is still going to be one of the best one you'll find. 99 percent of the those interested in a high quality guitar cable should stray away from this, but if you can afford one of these you'll definitely be getting the perfect cable!