George L's .155 (Patch Cable)
George L's .155 (Patch Cable)

.155 (Patch Cable), Otro Accesorio para Guitarra from George L's.

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moosers 08/03/2011

George L's .155 (Patch Cable) : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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George L's .155 Instrument Cables are high end cables for use in the studio or on the stage. George L's has built up a nice reputation for supplying top notch cables for professionals, and the reputation is definitely one that's valid. I've got one of these cables at home and also have used some at various different studios, as they seem to be a favorite amongst guitar players looking for well built cables that don't cost a fortune. They have a distinct look to them as the cable is really thin and the ends of the cables have a unique look to them. There are no gimmicks here at all - just well built cables. They also make a variety of other cables and accessories, but I've mostly used their 1/4" cables for guitar. You can buy these .155 patch cables in bulk or individually, but you can definitely save some money if you buy a few of them at a time. It's also nice that they give you options for your cables in terms of length and width and some in different price ranges to meet everyone's needs. Other cables of this quality will certainly run you a bit more than this and for whatever reason I really trust the cables made by George L because I know where they are coming from and it's not a huge corporation who might be looking to cut corners on cables. You know what you're getting with George L instrument cables and that perhaps is the best thing about them. The .155 sized instrument cables are some of their best, but I'd peruse everything that they have to offer on their website before making a selection, but you definitely cannot go wrong with George L instrument cables regardless of which you go with.