GHS Fast-Fret
GHS Fast-Fret
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moosers 02/02/2011

GHS Fast-Fret : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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GHS’ Fast-Fret is a unique guitar string cleaning device. It’s also designed for cleaning your neck, fretboard, and the back of the neck as well. It helps to not only keep your guitar fresh and looking good, but can add life to your strings and help them last longer than they normally would. It’s a really simple little cleaner that I both have at home and we’ve got some on hand in the studio where I work. Clients really like using this and most have never heard of it, as I hadn’t before I used it at the studio. You really can’t go wrong with Fast-Fret, as it’s an incredibly cheap way to keep your guitar and strings looking good and in good general shape. There really isn’t a lot that you need to know about Fast-Fret, other than what it does and that it won’t harm your instrument in any way since it’s specifically designed for this kind of use. The best part about Fast-Fret is definitely the price, as it’s the cheapest possible way to maintain your guitar. I’ve been using it at home on my Fender Jazzmaster and other electric and acoustic guitars and it’s really been a good investment. Your strings will certainly feel better after putting this on them and although I haven’t had this long enough to really tell yet, it seems to be keeping my strings in great shape. GHS says it will add some time to the life of your strings and I have to agree with them based on my use with it. It’s really a no brainer at the price, as comparable cleaning systems will definitely run you a good amount more than this. So if you’re looking for something that will keep your fretboard, neck, and strings in the best shape possible, Fast-Fret is it!