Line 6 Relay G30
Line 6 Relay G30

Relay G30, Otro Accesorio para Guitarra from Line 6 in the Relay series.

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rockerdad 23/03/2011

Line 6 Relay G30 : la opinión de rockerdad (content in English)

"Line 6 does it again!"

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Say what you want about Line 6 products. A good amount of the gear that they put out seems to be marketed toward beginners or non-gigging musicians. I've owned a few of their amps and effects. Some were usable while others were just plain bad.

I decided to take a chance on the Line 6 Relay 30 wireless system after having sent back a Brace Audio unit. I went into this blind...not knowing anyone personally who had one that I could try out. The size of the unit is great! Very compact and light. The receiver mounted on my pedalboard and is about the size of a large stompbox. The transmitter is one of the smallest that I've seen.

The transmitter runs on 2 AA batteries which are MUCH cheaper in my area than 9 volts. They also seem to last a great deal longer. I can usually get through 4 or so 90 minute sets and still have juice left in it. There's also a great feature that is supposed to mimic as if your guitar is still using a cable and not a wireless. I can hear the slight difference when using this feature.

I went with the relay 30 over the 50 or 90 because I don't really play arena or stadium sized stages. The 30 is more than enough for the average club musician. The 30 is working in the 2.4 GHz freq. not in the 900 Mhz freq. range. It has never cut out on me and I've gone past the 30 meters it touts itself as.

I recently added a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ power source to my board and according to Voodoo, I was able to power the G30 Relay using one of the standard was a HUGE more wall wart!

I recommend this product to any guitar or bass player out there looking for a budget friendly, but PRO, wireless solution. You won't regret it.