Carl Martin Combinator
Carl Martin Combinator
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mooseherman 11/05/2010

Carl Martin Combinator : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Lifesaver to the effects geek, but PRICEY!!!!"

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This thing is a pretty amazing pedal! It's great if you have a ton of effects pedals, and have a lot of different combinations of those pedals that you use regularly, and don't feel like switching a bunch of them all the time, then you might get a lot out of this pedal. Basically it can handle up to eight pedals. You can then program it to turn on 18 different combinations of those pedals. You can program each of these combinations to your liking rather easily. It makes pedal switching a breeze, and lets you focus on playing instead of switching effects on and off the whole time.
So why the low score? It's absolutely way too expensive. For that price it should be able to handle 20 pedals. I was under the impression that it could handle more than 8 pedals, which is why I returned it. Also, I'd rather use a little bit more effort than spend that much money, to be perfectly honest. That's seriously way more than a handful of my pedals combined. I just don't think most players would need that. And for all this money you'd think it would actually power all of these pedals, but no, it doesn't. Not even one power supply. it does have a tuner hookup that is separate from the rest of the inputs so that it doesn't impede signal flow, which is kind of nice. It's also true bypass, so it doesn't affect your tone when the effect is off.
Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Clapton, Tom guys might like this. Us non-millionaires will have to stick to jumping all over our stompboxes and doing it intuitively. I highly doubt this box should actually cost so much, considering that there are true bypass boxes that will completely bypass all your boxes, let you adjust your settings as you see fit, and then turn them on.